How To Choose A Computer Gaming Chair

Buying a comfortable computer gaming chair is a smart choice if you are spending hours behind the computer.

This article will show you how to choose a good computer gaming chair and the features you should look out for.

The most important factor when choosing a computer gaming chair is its comfort level. If you are sitting long hours in an uncomfortable position, you will suffer back ache and lead to potential health problem.

The following features contribute directly to the comfort level of your gaming chair.


A good chair should allow you to adjust the height so that you can sit in an upright position with your body ranging between 90 – 105 degrees to the floor. Your thighs should rest comfortably on the cushion and your feet flat on the floor.

computer gaming chair

Back rest

The back rest allows you to sit more comfortably and take a rest when you are tired from the screen. Some of the gaming chairs come with adjustable back rest to help you maintain an upright position without straining your back. A tall backrest is also preferable as it provide support for your upper back.

Arm rest

Whether you need armrests for your gaming chair is based totally your personal perference. Some gamers find it obstructive when they are playing fast paced game and need to move their arm regularly.

If you need an armrest, you might want to get a gaming chair with padded armrest so you can rest your forearm comfortably. The armrest should also be adjustable so you can adjust it to suit your armlength.


Other than comfort, the chair should also match the room decoration and the desk design. There are plenty of design available. Look around and you should be able to find the design you want.

Choosing a good computer gaming chair will prevent your back from aching through through those gaming sessions. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in choosing the chair most suited to you.

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